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Minimum Effort, Maximum Revenue...


Ease Distribution

All-in-one distribution management technology

Real-time online distribution channel manager. Get more bookings.


Ease Booking

Increase Conversions from direct booking engine

Get more direct bookings and convert website visitors into guest.


Ease Shoppe

Smart - Integrated - Robust rate monitor

Full control on current market trends, in depth market intelligence to stay ahead from competition.


Ease CRS

Simplifying Central Reservation System

Next-gen centralized reservation system, Maintains real-time distribution across all your properties.


Ease GDS

Go Global, seamlessly two-way interface connectivity

Ease GDS Connecting hoteliers’ to global digital travellers, maximizing visibility across global channels & ensures auto update of your GDS availability & rates.


Ease FOM

Full control on front office management system

The flexibility of a mobile Front Office Management System assists to deliver to Hotelier operational efficiency, save time and make money round the clock from any location.